HID Conversion Kits

HID Flashlight Torch

HID flashlights, also referred to as xenon torch, are becoming a popular option for those seeking the most light output out of their flashlights. They come in different shape and sizes, color temperatures and wattage options.

Higher watt HID flashlights models will produce more light output. But, they will also go faster through a charge. It's important to pick one that will work best for your application.

The only downside is the price. They tend to start at around $100 and go up from there, depending on the model.

Not sure what bulb your car is using? Try this Automotive Bulb Reference site to get the proper bulb information for your car.

Mr Light 72005 HID Tactical Flashlight

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Cyclops CYC-HID5 Nexus Rechargeable HID Spotlight (3200 Lumen)

$61.03 (41% off)
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Microfire Warrior III HID Flashlight

$5.38 (1% off)
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AELight AE Xenide AEX20 HID Flashlight (20W)

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Stanley HID0109 HID Spotlight

$7.11 (9% off)
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AELight AE Xenide AEX25 HID Flashlight (25W)

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